Sunday, April 13, 2014

Why Epic?

While in college, my husband told his mother that he wanted to have an epic life. Not a great life, not a peaceful life, but an epic life. And since getting married, our life has definitely been...epic.

First came marriage....

(Photo from, our absolutely amazing photographer)

Second, I flew back home from our honeymoon for another surgery. Fun. It was gross; I'll spare you a pic, but when my wonderful husband came up to visit (I was at Hopkins, near my parents') he took my scar and drain in stride like a champ. What a keeper! For the record, I am fine now...cancer details are another story!

A week after surgery, I flew to his New Orleans apartment. All my stuff had been shipped down a month before. Don't judge the mess!

I'll give you an "after" pic of our current house so you don't think deep down in your clean little hearts that we're total slobs. Kidding, kidding..

Then we moved to Texas. With three weeks' notice. During that move, while in the midst of a snowstorm that basically shut down this poor southern city, some poor souls decided that they could not live another day without my laptop, his work laptop, his personal laptop, an awesome Wilson's Leather bag containing said laptop, and an assortment of other rather important odds and ends that were also in said bag. 

 Cue smashed window. For some reason, I blame the truck. Vehicles and I have a tumultuous relationship; also a story for another time. 

We made it through that, and then...but that's a post to be continued another day. Epic enough yet? 

Here's our house now - improved a bit, huh?!

Despite all that in the first three months of our marriage, we're going strong and better than before! What crazy first year marriage epic adventures have you had?


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