Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Decorating a rental

A well-decorated house is a wonderful thing; however, I don't actually enjoy having to do it.  Nor do I trust myself to do a good job.  I can envision many wonderful decorations and room configurations, but actually making those happen with very little money to spare....that's another thing all together.

It's becoming urgent, however. To remind you, here is a picture of our living room, when it is clean.  I shall spare any and all innocent internet viewers the chance of seeing it while dirty:


Here is a picture of how I would like our living room to look:


Don't squash my dreams.  It'll happen someday (right after I win the lottery I don't play).

Anyway, I'm looking for any and all tips, tricks, suggestions...anything.  Commiseration?  

Obviously it needs window treatments of some sort, and I know to hang them from the ceiling to the floor, not just on the window.  In case you haven't heard that sage bit of advice, check out this pic, from artistry interiors:


Then, all the wise women of decorative-ville say to hit up the consignment stores and/or cheap antique shops to find furniture that can be fixed up and used.  I plan to do this as soon as I have a few hours to spare during the day, and I would loooooooove inspirational before/after pictures, tips, or ideas before going.  

If it's worth the hassle, painting can work wonders on a room, but as we don't plan to stay here even the maximum of our two year lease if we can help it, I'm not painting.  Just not gonna do it.  I did that to my last apartment - top to bottom $300 paint job - and it looked great.  Trouble is, I moved out within the year.  Not jinxing this house.  Pea green and I will simply have to learn to get along.

So, here are all the decorating ideas I have so far, and I would love to hear more ideas:
- Curtains
- Pictures, and frames that actually match
- Switch out furniture
- Attempt to find and apply moulding to our flat wood door (iffy, but it sure would be nice)
- Find a rug.  Husband votes cowhide.  I vote not.  Time will tell.
- Reupholster furniture/bite the bullet and buy new furniture.  

I'm all ears for favorite decorating and/or renovating tips!  Or really anything related to making an ugly rental home feel nice; picky, I am not.

Now, life calls and I must go finish this entire week's worth of Women of Grace homework before my class tomorrow.  Procrastination has been my friend for far too long. :)


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