Thursday, April 24, 2014

Letters from littles and morning chocolate...

These evil little things are my worst enemy, especially this morning.  Temptation has arrived, and I have succumbed.  Completely.  There is just something so addictive about eating chocolate, drinking coffee, and wasting time online early in the morning, especially if one's husband is not home to make one feel appropriately guilty for such childish behavior.  Chocolate is best before 8am.  Sad fact.

These little chocolately eggs, which weren't even what I meant to buy (thought I was getting mini malted milk balls, which wouldn't have changed any of this), are terrible.  They sit in their cute little jar looking soooooo innocent and telling me that they're so small, just one won't hurt.  So I eat one.  And if one is small, two isn't much bigger...right?  Tell me I'm right!  

At least this isn't a regular occurrence.  Usually I can bypass them just fine.  Today, I blame early PMS, as carbohydrate cravings (aka I NEED CHOCOLATE) is a medically documented effect of rising progesterone levels.  Don't ya love modern medicine?! Give me two weeks and I'll stare these little devils down without a flinch, Rocky style.  Hopefully there will still be some left at which to stare...

On another note, I love the things that kids say.  

The letter reads (with his own special punctuation and capitalization): This is Isaac I Just wanted to tell you that I miss you  These are some thing that are happening in My life I got a concassion and I'm getting reading glasses.  Call me when ever you have time.  Love  Isaac
 Isn't it great?  The child actually sat down - wearing said reading glasses, I might add - and wrote out a letter to my husband, because he has a ridiculously huge case of hero worship where my husband is concerned.  He was asking me when we were going to have babies three months into dating!  Because, "I want to be an uncle and I really like *Your Husband/boyfriend*"  Had to clarify the order of events there a bit.  So, a few days ago, this letter arrived and I think it is just the sweetest, funniest thing.  Gives me warm fuzzies all over, and it isn't even for me!

As a note, the "concassion" was a rather impressive one, meriting a hospital trip for a thankfully clear MRI after symptoms persisted for several days.  It was the result of a very fun game involving Daniel, Isaac, and a friend.  One got on the swing, and the other two stood in front and "bet" the swinger that he could not hit them.  You can see where this is going, can't you?  And the funniest part?  They were all mortified because it really was a completely innocent game.  Gotta love it.  Needless to say, Isaac's head was walloped back into Daniel, and both got knocked over.  Lesson learned, I suppose; on the bright side, all is well now and no teeth were lost!  Hooray for that!  It also provided much dramatic fodder for conversation. 

("From Isaac to kate
at your convence we can out for breakfast
You pick the restrount")

Just for fun, this is another Isaac letter.  I had one from Daniel too, equally funny/cute, but it got lost in one of the moves.  Sigh.  I still haven't taken him up on the offer yet.  It's a shame that I lost Daniel's version of this letter, because his actually stated, in writing, that he would pay for it.  As opposed to the kind of birthday meal you pay for yourself.  

Time to be an adult now, bid farewell to my chocolate eggs, pray that the caffeine in the coffee spikes my metabolism up enough to counteract it, and get to work.  Adieu adieu for now.


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