Thursday, July 24, 2014

{Pretty Happy Funny Real} - Beach Edition!

I'm on vacation, hence the utter lack of updates (no, I haven't been on vacation since the last post. Not that I'd have minded that. Not at all.).

That being said, and because I have to use the blogger app which I don't like, this will be short. 

These pictures are from the coast of Maine, where it has been absolutely glorious for the past week!  


The view from our porch. One of my favorite, favorite places in the world!  Add a book, a glass of Kahlua and cream (...milk...), and I'm in heaven. 


The perch of power, from where she analyzed the best tourist lunch bits to snitch, and snitch she did. "Mine. Mine. Mine!"


He cast his last lure in a beautiful and effortless arc off the guessed it...into the tree that cannot be climbed or reached.  Que horror! Cue much good-natured and effervescent bemoaning of that mistake! That explains the fourth line from the bottom...


And way out there is Europe. Crazy! 

Just a few more for good measure!

A real lighthouse!


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