About Me

Who am I?  Well, I'm a 20-something, Catholic, Virginian-now-Texan wife to a wonderful husband who is my complete opposite but best friend.  I'm the optimist, a reader, and love to laugh and can somehow find the funny in just about anything.  Hopefully, I will soon be a mother to as many children as the Lord decides to give me, and I can't wait to begin that adventure.  Until then, I spend my days window shopping clothing stores online, freelance editing, attempting to become an amazing cook (yeah...about that), and taking care of my very hard-working husband who dutifully listens to all my drivel and opinions and still seems to like me!  My husband is an engineer working in sales, and does math all day.  I still don't understand his job completely.  The sales part I get.  The rest of it...psi, the compression of air molecules, piping units...he's the math person of our little family.  For the most part, I am trying to keep his name out of the blog since networking is so much a part of his work and I don't think he'd appreciate his coworkers/customers reading about the goofy things he does at home!  Me...I write.

Drop me a note - I'd love to hear from you!

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