Sunday, April 6, 2014

On the art of frying

I took my life in my hands today and actually fried something!  In hot, spitting, boiling oil!  It was traumatic but it had to be done. One cannot marry a southern man and not know how to fry; just doesn't work like that (so if you have married a southern man and haven't fried anything well...better get cracking! Ha).

Frying, just like Minnie (know the reference?)  Ignore the crooked pics.


 Yes, I realize this is uncropped and unedited and a dirty oven; mea culpa.  
This is a one-time thing, I promise-ish.

One more waffle picture, because waffles are wonderful.

In a post or two, I will introduce myself, but for now, suffice it to say I'm a newlywed wife, working part-time, and enjoying all the adventures in life.  I am also attempting to learn recipes that my very southern husband will not term, "exotic" and actually like!

Aside from overcooking the chicken a bit, it came out remarkably well and the gravy looked totally legit. If y'all want the recipes I used just ask and I'll post them but I'd rather see your amazing tried-and-true recipes!  Commence comments.


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