Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cheap wines, and our cap collection

Some people collect wine corks. The husband and I collect caps. Not because we don't like corks - I love wines with corks, don't get me wrong - but because wines with corks are expensive. 

This is a fun choice for when you have $15 to spend. The beauty of this beauty is that you get more bang for your buck than a normal bottle. And it has a very cool cap; it looks like a beer bottle cap. 

But Kate, you say, you can afford to work from home and stalk mom blogs all day! How can you not afford wine?  Well, says I, because I am saving.  Babies, a house, babies, and...babies.  See a theme?  And I will be staying home with said babies, hence the saving. 

Cute...not mine. Image courtesy of someone else. 

So, to combat the issue of my obsessive savings (so that The Husband will be financially comfortable with making BABIES) , we drink wine with caps. And we save them, and look super cool doing it.  See if you can find the beer bottle top in this jar picture...

              We have a few corks...

And now, to end the suspense, our favorite under $10 wine....

Vinho Verde!

It's bubbly, crisp, and refreshing. And it's $6.95.  If you also have champagne tastes on an apple juice budget, this is the fix!

What kinds of wine do you have?  Any personal favorites or company go-to options?


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