Monday, April 21, 2014

Clothing woes, tips, and tricks

I'm deathly afraid of flashing the entire church and downtown community by having my skirt fly up and expose my very exposed backside as I walk out of Mass.  If I am wearing anything shorter than a maxi, this scenario is going through my head.

So, I bought these:

And ooooh baby do they fly in that Texas breeze! 

What's the cure?  Leggings and shorts underneath work but they don't look great on yours truly without heels which are equally awkward since the husband is my exact height.  He couldn't care less; I do. 

Second silly clothing fix: buy a maxi skirt too big and too lazy to alter it?  Stick a thin belt underneath the fold down wait and fold it over the belt. Voila!

Some other random ones I've heard:
- A pin worn in the bottom of a skirt will keep the static at bay. 
- If you're a thrift shopper, you need to go to the same store on a regular basis so you learn when they get new materials in and figure out the turnover pattern. Supposedly. I'm a thredup fan; that's as close to thrifting as I get. (The skirts above are all courtesy of thredup.)
- Dillard's bra sales are the best place to find inexpensive bras in odd sizes. 
- Dickey's workwear makes pants for grown men that have knee patches and actually look nice. Just in case your husband gets down and dirty like the little kid that's hiding inside us all. Don't deny it. 
- If you spray hairspray along the line of your panties (like swim bottoms or whatever) they won't ride up. Try at your own risk. 


Go Gracie Lou! 

Any tips to add to the list? Any anecdotes from trying said tips?? Any ideas to help me not flash innocent minds at church? Tell all pretty please!

Oh yeah, and how was your Easter? Nice? Any goofy family stories to share? 

P.S. Here's a link to ThredUp for $10 off your first order.  I get $10 credit if you click it but I promise that isn't my only reason for posting. Their clothes really are worth it, and if you order through the app, at least for now, you get free returns. Happy shopping!  


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