Monday, May 5, 2014

Phone tag...shoot me now!

I'm going to admit to something here.  I'm one of those weird people that hates making phone calls.  If it qualifies as a no big deal call (ie. I reallllllly need whatever I'm calling about, or it's a close friend/family) then I don't mind at all.  But everything else?  Hate it.

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So guess what.  I told our property manager that the heat wasn't working, and got a voicemail from the HVAC people.  This was Thursday.  I called them back, and they said they'd be out Friday morning.  Come Friday afternoon, I call (sigh) and ask when they were planning on arriving know...I kind of had other stuff to do.

- "Oh! Well, we don't go out until we've spoken with the tenant so you're not on the schedule yet.  Let's see where we can fit you in here."
- sigh.  I told them Monday would be fine; after all, it's Texas and being cold isn't a problem likely to last long.
- "Okay, we have you scheduled in for Monday!" And we checked and double checked my name and address.

Drum roll...

I was right; the cold vanished and the weather was 95 degrees yesterday.  So, my poor overheated husband goes to switch on the AC before bed and yep.  You guessed it.  No AC.  No fan.  I think our little control board thingy is broken.

Are you seeing a pattern?  Monday is here.  Definitely here.  Noon has come and gone.  No HVAC van.  80 degrees inside, which feels heavenly to me, but will not feel heavenly to my other half.  So, poor me mustered up all my nerve, thought through three different ways to ask what their schedule was for today (aka - Where the heck are you?!) know...I kind of have other stuff to do.


And the worst part?  I am going to have to keep calling them!  With a husband who works in sales and calls people all day, he has no qualms about calling at regular intervals until he gets a response.  Nor does he see a reason why I should have a problem with that, because, let's be honest, I shouldn't.  But I do.  And now I'm dreading having to keep calling these silly people.

First world problems, right?  But hey, it's a good growing experience, and I'd take being hot over being cold any day!

Edited to add - he's here!  Praise the Lord!  I didn't have to call again.


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