Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday fun!

What is better than fresh bread and the start of the weekend? Not much!

Trying a new recipe here that is supposed to be just like that brown bread at the Cheesecake Factory...I've made so many substitutions, however, I'm not sure if this quite qualifies any more. Regardless, it's hard to make anything that's filled with wheat, honey, and yeast go too wrong! 

I'm going to try to make one of the loaves round to serve with fondue for dinner. Yummmmmmm

See my poor little sourdough starter in the back?  It has staunchly refused to provide me with any kind of decent loaf for months. Works at my parent's house, but not mine. No idea why.  Mom is coming next week to scrutinize my sourdough bread making to see if I'm inadvertently killing my loaves. The Husband and I are very hopeful because we both agree that her sourdough is THE BEST everyday bread. Ever. (So is mine when i make it at her house! Just not here...). Mysteries mysteries. 


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