Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wife-hood, Fatherhood, Opinions, and a Coupon!

This is beautiful.  For anyone who hasn't already read it, please do.

Granted, I totally copied this link from Like Mother, Like Daughter, but I felt it was worth passing along.  One can never have too much wisdom, right?  Of course right!

What else is new?  Not much.

Oh, one more thing.  I love listening to Rush Limbaugh.  Been listening since I was a teen and he's still my go-to political guide, especially with all this wackiness happening now.  Don't tell, but I really want to get a Rush Babes t-shirt - this one, actually:

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I think he's really funny, and very, very smart politically.  And, I also think he makes excellent iced tea!

So, if you want to support some good conservative business and you like iced tea, check out Two if by Tea.  I recommend the peach and the regular.  Use coupon code DEALIO2014 from now until July 31, '14, for $4.00 off your order.  I won't be using it in that time, so I figure I'll pass it along.  Thanks Rush!

Oh, and if you have younger kids, the Rush Revere books are supposed to be quite good and have won a couple of children's books awards.  My siblings liked them a lot.  After all, they have a talking horse.  What more do you need?  Amazon has 'em, I think.

Since Fathers' Day is coming up tomorrow, here's a link to a couple articles about how to say "thanks" to the dads, and how better to appreciate their efforts for the family.  I think they're good follow-ups to the first article about being a wife.
   - Five Ways to Thank Dad
   - Dads: The Heroes of Homeschooling

Happy Saturday!


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